Simply Reef


Simply Reef is an open source project aimed at providing a nice interface and DIY aquarium controller.  Our current development platform is utilizing a Raspberry Pi 3.  Here is some of the things we are currently working on.


The dashboard will show you an over view of your tank.  Giving you information from Temperature probes, salinity probes, pH probes and more.  Also a spot to add an IP Webcam stream to view the tank.  Also the ability to control GPIO pins that can be connected to relays to control sockets like we have done.  We also have a spot to take notes through out the day that will save in an on going log for viewing later.


This gives you the ability to control your GPIO pins on a timer.  

Daily Notes:

Here you will have the ability to review the daily notes added from the dashboard.  These are in reverse chronological order with the most recent at the top.


Here you can view graphs showing the changes in the variety of sensors we can read.


This will display the log of the Raspberry Pi to check for any errors that may be occurring.


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