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Simply Dashing is a dashboard designed to be a replacement homepage.  This is a fully configurable home page that can be setup to view information at a quick glance or integrate with multiple devices.  This is an Open Source project that can be found on our GitHub.  The idea of this project is to bring everything under one unified front end.  Check out some of the Features and Screenshots below.


Currently Simply Dashing pulls the weather from Wunderground and requires an API key.  You can get a free api key at the following URL.

IP Webcams:

Easily add the ability to view IP webcams on pages.

Google Calendar: 

Full page view of your Google Calendar as well as a day view for the main home page.


Using your home address and your work address or any other address, you can view the names, ETAs and Total Miles of up to 3 routes. 

OpenHAB Integration:

Simply Dashing allows the integration of the Home Automation Server OpenHAB.  In doing so you can use this to control items such as lights or other devices configured with your OpenHAB. As well as displaying the current states of the different items like a Thermometer.


Display information of multiple Kodi devices based off the location set on a page.


Check out the following screenshots!




Simply Dashing is a continuing project built by us here at Simply Synced.

Tags: Kodi, OpenHAB, ip webcams, google calendar, waze

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